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    Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be one of the most frightening and uncertain experiences of any person’s life, and if you or a loved one has been arrested, you’re going to need the help of a professional bail bonds agent to help assure your release without delay. At AK LMO Bail Bonds, we know that expediency and efficiency are extraordinarily important when it comes to dealing with the legal system, as even the slightest delay in moving through the process can end up with additional time spent behind bars.

Typically, a friend, relative or attorney contacts AK LMO Bail Bonds on behalf of the person in jail to arrange for his or her release. This is probably you!  If this is your first time needing a bail bond, we know you have lots of questions. This will provide a basic understanding of how bail works.

The purpose of a bond agent is a simple one: we help clients make bail, thereby ensuring their timely release from custody pending a court date. What you probably already know is that guarantees, both financial and personal, are needed to get someone released from jail. In exchange, collateral is posted, usually in the form of cash or title to a valuable possession, such as a home, car, or other property. If the defendant fails to appear for his assigned court date, not only is a warrant immediately issued for his re-arrest, but the property put up as collateral is seized by the bond company.

Fortunately, the majority of defendants have every intention of appearing in court as required, and would prefer to wait at home with loved ones rather than in a jail cell, which is where AK LMO Bail Bonds comes into the picture. The talented team at AK LMO Bail Bonds understand the system, inside and out, and know what it takes to get you or your loved one released on bail, and into the custody of loving and supportive family members. When you need help,  call today for 24 hour service.

We know that everyone has different financial considerations and we, at AK LMO Bail Bonds take pride in servicing each and every client. 

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A BAIL BOND IS A CONTRACTUAL UNDERTAKING between a bail agent and the person purchasing the bond. By purchasing a bond, the bail agent provides a guarantee to the courts that the defendant will appear in court each time he or she is summoned. The person purchasing the bond provides a guarantee to the bail agent the defendant will be at all required court appearances.

FURTHERMORE, THE BOND ALLOWS THE FAMILY MEMBER or friend purchasing the bond to free their loved one from jail without having to pay the full bond amount. 

UPON YOUR CONTACTING AK  LMO BAIL BONDS, your bond agent will contact the appropriate jail to determine the amount of bail needed and create a bond for the customer to purchase. 

WHEN BAILING A LOVED ONE OUT OF JAIL, it is best to bring as much information as possible to your AK - LMO BAIL BONDS  agent. In order to fill out the paperwork quickly and correctly, you will need your information (as the co-signer) and the defendant’s information.

— Co-signer (person obtaining bond) & Defendant (person in jail)
• Name & Date of birth
• Address
• Social Security Number
• Valid Drivers License (Preferably Alaska)
• Landlord/Mortgage Holders Name & Phone Number
• Employer’s Contact Info
• Previous Employers
• Vehicle Information
• Parole Officer Contact Info (if applicable)
• Spouse’s Employer Contact Info (if applicable)
• Proof of Income (pay stub or bank statement)
• Credit Card or Checking Account Book (as form of ID)
• Tax Return (if self employed)
• Property Deed (if putting up property)
— Co-signer’s Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Two Friends, Attorney
• Name
• Address
• Two Phone Numbers

If Known: 
What borough, city is the person being held in? 

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO OBTAIN all of the above information an AK  LMO BAIL BONDS agent can assist you in finding the information. All provided information is kept confidential.
    o We will contact the jail facility and determine exact bail information and arrange to have your friend/relative released.
o Your Bail Agent will contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.

Please have patience. Many detention facilities are very slow in processing and often have their telephone lines overloaded with calls. Your bail agent will be able to assist you in confirming the release status, charges, etc. For immediate bail service call 1-907-771-7999.


What is bail?
In short, bail is a part of our legal system that allows an accused person to be temporarily released from custody so they can continue their lives while they prepare for their day in court. In criminal cases, it is a sum of money, real property or bail bond that needs to be posted by or on behalf of a defendant to guarantee their appearance in court. The right to reasonable bail is guaranteed to you by the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

What is a bail bond?
A bail bond is a financial guarantee made by or on behalf of a criminal defendant that is used to guarantee their appearance in court through the end of their trial. Failure by the defendant to appear will result in a bail bond forfeiture.

How does a bail bond work?
The court system will set the amount of bail required for the defendant’s release. Under state law, a company can provide a “bail bond” that guarantees payment of the full bail amount to the court if the defendant does not show up for all scheduled appearances. These bail bonds are offered by licensed bail service providers. For providing the pre-trial release service, bail service providers charge a premium – a percentage of the total bail amount, typically 10%. For example, for a bail amount set at $2,000, the premium would be  $200. The bail service provider must charge the premium rate that the State of Alaska specifies and the premium is not refundable once the defendant is released.

What is the difference between bail bond amount and premium?
The bail bond amount is the full amount of the bail that is set by the court. The premium is the dollar amount charged by the bail service provider for providing the pre-trial release service. The State of Alaska sets the premium at 10% of the bail amount. For example, if the bail amount is $5,000, the premium charged would be $500.

Who is a co-signer/guarantor?
A co-signer/guarantor/indemnitor is the person(s) willing to be responsible for the defendant while they are out on bail and who assumes financial responsibility, including guarantee of the full bail bond amount and they are responsible for ensuring the defendant's appearance in court.

What does it mean when a bail bond is exonerated?
A bail bond is exonerated when the legal process/trial has finished and the court has notified the bail service provider. It does not matter whether the defendant is found guilty/innocent or if the case has been dismissed. At this point, the bail bond is discharged. However, any unpaid premium, fees or other amounts charged by the bail service provider are still owed.

When does a forfeiture take place?
A forfeiture occurs when a defendant fails to appear in court. If a defendant misses a court date, a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. At that time the co-signer must pay the full amount of the bail bond. Any collateral that was pledge may be seized.

How much does it cost to bail someone out of jail?
All cases are different. To answer this question in your case please contact a licensed member of our staff in our AK-LMO Bail Bonds office, or by calling us at (907) 771-7999 and we can help you.

Is the premium refundable?
The defendant and any co-signer(s) are responsible to the bail service provider for the premium and any fees or additional expenses incurred by the bail service provider on their behalf. These monies are earned at the time the defendant is released from custody and therefore not subject to return. This is the case even if the defendant is found innocent, the case is dismissed or the defendant is placed back into custody for another offense.

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